Friday, 7 July 2017

Foamiran has hit the USA

For all my US followers that have been desperate to get their hands on Foamiran ….. Whimsy Stamps listened!!!  You can now get the fabulous 0.6mm Foamiran along with tools and stamens from them on their Foamiran page

Hitting the picture below will take you right there



  1. I am so excited about being able to get Foamiran from Whimsy Stamps!!!! Such great news Bev!!!

  2. Bev!!!!!! Oh My Gosh you did it! Thank you! Thank you! Most of the foamarian is sold out-the desired colors anyway..., the stamens also, but at least I don't have to buy from the U.K.!

    Thanks for implementing the availability for us in the USA!
    God Bless
    Debbie Niemeyer


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