Monday, 17 October 2011

Prismacolor Pencils for the girlies that attended the LOTV Colouring Masterclass

Sorry girls, I clean forgot to list the colours I was using, so for those that want them you will need:
Light Umber
Dark Umber
Muted Turquoise
Tuscan Red
Olive Green
Warm Grey 70% (50% is a nice to have too)
Cool Grey 70% (50% is a nice to have too)

And another three nice to haves are Jasmine and also French Grey 50% and 70% (both of these are perfect for beige colouring and pencils I use quite a lot).

I get my pencils from 1buy1pencils , they also sell the blending stumps- these are the ones I was using ont he weekend and you will need San Sodor (odourless mineral spirit) for blending.  You can also use Zest It if you can bear the smell (gives me migraine!!)

Hope that helps :)

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  1. Thanks for that - was nice to see you in real life on Sunday
    Debbie xx


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