Sunday, 11 January 2009

Whiff of Joy/Elisabeth Bell Spring Club Kit - Pre-orders are being taken now

Katharina is now taking pre-orders for the new Spring Club Kit. Hoo boy! Is this ever the kit to beat ALL kits, it's absolutely amazing and you really really don't want to miss out, so get yourself across to the Whiff of Joy shop and pre-order your kit now, you won't be sorry!!!!! Pre orders for the kit will be possible from Monday Jan. 12 until Monday Jan 26. After this period it won't be possible to order the kit.

Now isn't this just the most delicious sneak peek you have seen!!!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Thanks for reminding me my news years resolution has gone right out the window!!! Can't tell you how much I have spent online this week. Sue :o)

  2. Got it LOL . i must of clicked on the shop when she was updating , 1 minute it was there, next it wasn't hehe,

    looks good don't it? ( well from the sneak peak that is hehe)

  3. Oooo Thanks Bev! I am so going to pre-order my kit now! WOW..what a super great deal Katharina is giving us!
    Hugs~ Kim

  4. I already ordered my kit, couldn't resist after seeing the sneak peek LOL.

    xx Naoual

  5. Hi Bev theres a little something for you on my

  6. Doesn't she look lovely - just need to ask DH to order it for my valentines present x

  7. Bev you are a tease. I have just given myself a very early birthday present after saying I wouldn't buy any more stamps until April! but I do love Elisabeth's designs so how could I not do it!?! thanks, I think! hugs, annie x

  8. I saw this on her blog yesterday and my order was in five minutes later lol!

  9. It looks beautiful. I picture her in a I right?



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