Saturday, 24 January 2009

A quick post on the Whiff of Joy Spring Club kit AND .... another sneak peek!!

Just to remind you that there is only 2 days left to pre-order the Whiff of Joy Spring Club kit, orders close on the 26th January and if you miss out you will be gutted, honest!!!

Now doesn't this look yummy!!!

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  1. I so wish I could order this. I'm so sad that it is just not in the budget right now!! :(

    I have no doubt though that you will do fabulous things with it Bev!! I will live vicariously through you!! :)

  2. It breaks my heart to miss out, but I am flat broke right now. No crafting supplies. LOL

  3. I can't wait to see what's in the club kit...and at that price...well... :)

  4. I have ordered it & can't wait - isn't it exciting?!! Loving the sneak peaks :) xxx

  5. Bev, you are such a tease! I've pre-ordered and can't wait to see them all!!!

  6. AWWWW these sneek peeps look great. I really wish I had the money to buy this. Maybe someone I know will get it and I can swap some images with them fingers crosssed, better still I could win the set from Katherina.
    Lyndsey xx

  7. Oh yes Bev, this looks really yummy and i can't wait for my stamp kit to arrive.

    I am just waiting to see the gorgeous samples that you will have created with them!!

    Hugs Linda x

  8. Hello Bev, Thank you for entering my blog candy.

  9. Hi Bev! Your beautiful cards using Whiff of Joy stamps are a detriment to my bank account. I just purchased the club kit and a couple of Lizzie stamps.

  10. Hi Bev!! I picked you for a challenge. But it is different. I think it will be fun. It is about the photos you have on your computer. See if you are interested on my blog!!If not, no biggie!!


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