Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh my goodness - go check out this candy!!!

Sally is celebrating her 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday and has also had 1500 hits on her blog so is offering the most amazing candy. Oh my gosh, you have to go take a look at this!!! Not one, but to fab prizes - you need to go and help her decide whether to combine the prizes as one or make two seperate draws. Pop over to Sally's Blog now to enter

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  1. wow, this looks fab - off for a look at lovely Sally's blog

  2. Thanks for the link to Sally's blog, I have never won anything but you have to be in to win!
    Was also wondering if you would be able to help us out, we have had a go at the distress colouring and now we are HOOKED! Would you mind reccomending what colours you would purchase to get started, say 10-12 colours? Also what H20's to purchase (not that I even know what they are yet he he) but we can order them and get them shipped and we are keen to give it a go! Thanks so much - you work is pure inspiration!

  3. There are so many good things here!! WOW!

  4. I would love to add you to my blog but I'm at a standstill with it and haven't figured out yet how to add links to it. Guess I'd better be getting busy on learning because I'm sure not getting anywhere with it. Thanks for all your creative inspirations. I love your cards and reading your blog.

  5. hola soy de España
    Me encanta tu blog tienes unas cosas muy bonitas enhorabuena



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