Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Thank you so much

To each and every one of you wonderful people that have emailed, messaged and sent cards, I am more than touched at your caring.

Baby Amy is holding her own. They have found out what is wrong with her, she has E Coli (we believe either from her mam not being treated with antibiotics against GSB (Group Strep B) even though the hosipital was aware that she is a carrier (she was treated before having her first child), and/or an infected belly button which was fobbed off for 6 weeks! The E Coli in infants causes Urinary Tract Infection (which Amy has), Sepsis (which they caught just in time we think although her blood is not reacting to the antibiotics as the doctors had hoped so she is now on supportive antibiotics to help the initial antibitoics). Thank God we insisted on seeing a doctor on Sunday night - I don't want to think what would have happened. A guardian angel sure was looking after our little princess.

She will be in hospital for a good few days yet, until the doctors get blood results that they are encouraged by. She will then be referred to the Freeman Hospital as they have discovered a heart murmur. She will also need kidney screening as a result of the urinary tract infection and is waiting for an appointment at yet another hospital as they are concerned about her hips. She has a long way to go yet poor little lamb, BUT!!! We got the most beautiful smile from her today - so she must be feeling a little better.

Here's a picture of Amy and Ben taken last week before she got sick.

Thank you again my friends, it means the world to me.


  1. So glad they are geting to the bottom of things with your little grand daughter. Hope and pray she gets the treatment she needs now. Sounds like they are going to give her a first class MOT! Beautiful picture Bev.
    Love and hugs


  3. Oh dear Bev, poor little Amy. Thank God they have found out what is wrong and can hopefully start to treat it with more success. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I am so relieved to hear she gave you all a beautiful smile. Please pass on my love to Shelley and the rest of the family. Stay strong

    Big hugs
    Marcea -x-

  4. Pleased to hear they have come to a conclusion about Amy- Bev, and still praying for her speedy complete recovery.

    Love to Shelley, Ben and Rich, they're in our prayers,

    Nettie xxx

  5. Oh goodness ... what a worry. Sincerely hope she makes a full recovery. Sending special thoughts to you and yours.


  6. All my prayers are with your family Bev! Lots of love! Beautiful kids :) hugs and kisses for them.

  7. Oh Bev, so pleased that they have found what is wrong and that now she can start to have the correct tretment for the littel darling to get better.I wish you and yours all my love for a full recovery and hope she now comes on in leaps and bounds.Love the photo,absolutely beautiful children.Don't forget to think of yourself too Bev & remember to take some time out for yourself too:-)


  8. Bless you Bev, here's hoping your grandaughter makes a full and speedy recovery, i'm thinking of you and all the family
    take care hun
    lv Gill x

  9. Glad to hear they are getting Amy sorted and investigating everything they need to. My son had e-coli and kidney screening at 8 months so I know a little of what you're going through: He's now a very energetic and totally healthy 7 year old!
    Hugs x

  10. So pleased to hear they have found out what's wrong with Amy and she can now start receiving the treatment important to her.

    Such a sweet photo of them both Bev.

  11. So sorry to hear of Amy's problems Bev, I do hope she gets better soon, she is such a cutie!
    Love Becky xx

  12. Bev both your grand children are beautiful..
    I'm sorry to hear that Amy has been so ill, and am very glad that they have found the problem....My thoughts are with you and your family, and on Amy's swift recovery.
    It's amazing how resilient children are...glad that you got a beaming smile off of her, a sure sign that she is feeling a little better.

  13. Hope everything goes well and that the hospital gets her well very soon. What beautiful grandchildren you are very lucky. Sue :o)

  14. good to hear they have got to the bottom of Amy's illness Bev, it must have been awful for you all.
    what a beautiful pic of Ben and Amy.
    Hope Amy has a full and speedy recovery

    Norma x


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